Where your plants come from and how to make the best selection.

The plants that we use for your indoor space originally came from tropical areas such as Hawaii, where the climate is hot year around and always warm at night.  They start these plants outdoors in very high light to insure the fastest growth. When they reach the desired size, they are shipped to a wholesale plant supplier in your area where they are kept in partial shade. This is how they start the process of acclimation to lower light. A standard measurement of light level is Footcandles. These plants usually originate with about 2,000 footcandles in Hawaii, and then down to about 500 footcandes  at the Wholesaler in California. The design of many indoor offices and homes dictates that plants are placed in low light areas such as lobbies, or conference rooms where there are no windows  and only limited artificial light. So the final destination of your plant may only have 100 footcandles or possibly less. 

When a plant successfully acclimates to a lower light environment, its foliage and roots change.  But this change should be gradual, because if it is too sudden the plant can easily go into shock and die. Also, the water requirements of the plant will decrease.  We are experts with 30 years experience and we know where to get the best quality plants, and how to make sure these plants can make a successful adjustment to your indoor space. Below are pictures of some of the most common plants we install in the homes and offices of our customers:

      Janetcraigii2.new Kentia.new   Massangeana

   Dracaena Janet Craig                           Kentia Palm                Dracaena Massangeana




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