Interior Plant Design

 Beautification thru Vegetation has been designing and caring for indoor plantscapes since 1986

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We devote our time and money to giving you the best plants and plant service, not to having the fanciest websight in town. We are proud of the professional service we provide, and the loyalty of our clients. Tropical foliage brightens the indoor environment, and enhances the interior design. We create interior plant designs and provide indoor plant service for Los Angeles area commercial and residential spaces. BTV is a local company, so we respond quickly to customer requests, and provide a personal style of service with maximum attention to detail. Some clients prefer to lease plants and decorative planters. Whether you prefer to purchase or lease, we are glad to help.
Indoor plants also provide health benefits;  extensive research on air purification conducted by Bill Wolverton at NASA, concluded that live plants significantly reduce indoor air pollution, which is a common problem in most modern office buildings.
We bring the beauty of nature into the urban environment and guarantee to keep it healthy and beautiful.

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