The Planters might be even more important then the plants !

Interior Planter Design


Many customers are so interested in choosing the right plants for their interior space, that they haven’t given any thought to the planters. However making the correct choice when it comes to decorative plant containers is very important; sometimes even more important then the plants.

First of all, if the type of planter doesn’t fit with the design of the room, something will seem off no matter how nice the plant is. When we see your office or home, we pay close attention to the design of the room and recommend planters that are the right style, meaning the right shape, color and texture, so that they will compliment and enhance the design of that room. Secondly, the best planter manufacturers are located outside of Los Angeles, and their products are shipped hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles before they’re installed, so not surprisingly, any returns involve added expense including extra shipping and restocking fees. In contrast, our sources for plants are all located in Los Angeles, meaning that any plant replacements or exchanges are much quicker and easier. 

Beautification thru Vegetation has been in business for thirty years, and interior plant design has changed dramatically. There are now so many types and styles of planters that it can be confusing, but we have extensive experience and are glad to help you make the best choice. Call us at 310 305 7030, for a free consultation. Below are just a few of the many styles available. You can go to for more ideas or meet with one of our representatives for even more.

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