Office Plant Guarantee


We Guarantee Our Plants

Did you ever bring in a nice new palm tree, and stand back and admire how much beauty it adds to your room, but then over the next couple of months notice it slowly deteriorate in spite of your best efforts ? 

The right plant design can add so much to your office or home, but then someone needs to take the responsibility to keep the plants beautiful and healthy. Plants are a long term commitment, and that is a commitment that Beautification thru Vegetation is happy to make to you. We guarantee all of your plants for the duration of our service to you, and we have had service customers for 10, 20, even 30 years !  

We can do this, because of all the different office plants that you see on our site, we know each type of plant so well, that we understand what they need, and how they will respond to your environment, and our care. You can find each plant on either the low, medium or high light page based on its requirements, but each plant also has slightly different water requirements as well. Keeping that, as well as other factors, in mind, we have the confidence to guarantee our work, and that confidence is based on years of research and experience. We are happy to provide a list of satisfied client references.

So call BTV today at 310 305 7030, and you’ll never have to worry about your plants again !

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