Indoor Plant Service

Interior plants and planters are a very important and unique part of the interior design process. After all, you might call plants “live art”.  Obviously the job is not over when the interior plant design and installation is complete; These plants must be maintained very carefully.  Most plants used for interiors are tropical plants such as the Fishtail Palms below. They originate in tropical climates such as Hawaii, and must acclimate to the indoor environment. Our company has almost 30 years experience at caring for interior plants. We understand the different needs of each type of plant. For example Fishtail Palms (Caryota Mitis) must be watered very carefully, since the temperature and the amount of light determine exactly how much water its roots require. When we water each plant we take that into account, along with the size of the nursery container.  If the environment and the watering are optimal, the plant will be healthy and resistant to pests and diseases. However fishtails are sometimes prone to pests such as spider mites, so close examination of the leaves is also an important part of the maintenance. Our indoor plant service includes that along with careful watering, trimming and cleaning of leaves. Our service contract includes a free replacement guarantee in case any plant doesn’t do well. The guarantee lasts as long as our contract, which is usually many years. So for excellent plants and excellent service call Beautification thru Vegetation at 310 305 7030. To see our complete plant selection, go to www.btvplants/plants/medium-light.

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