For a healthier work environment, get more Indoor Plants

Indoor plants improve the air in office buildings. They improve air circulation through transpiration (exhalation) of water vapor from the leaves. You may already know that they take in Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, but they also remove airborne toxins by absorbing them into their leaves and roots. (These are not toxic to the plants). Common indoor toxins are Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Ammonia, and Benzene. Several scientific studies have shown this to be the case, including a 1989 study done by NASA in 1989.  Studies have also shown that indoor plants improve mental health by calming the  sympathetic nervous system and reducing high blood pressure.

Some of the most effective indoor plants are Dracaena, Rhaphis Palm, Chamaedorea Palm, Sanseveria, Agloneama Chinese Evergreen, Pothos, Spathiphylum, Ficus Lyrata and Benjamina, Zamia Plant, and spider plant. The greater the leaf surface, the greater the absorption of toxins. 

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