Do Succulents make good Office Plants ?


Over the last few years Succulent plants have become more popular then every.  Landscapers in California were looking for a new type, drought tolerant plant to use, and this is why you see so many more then 10 or 20 years ago. Succulents have much thicker stems and leaves then other plants, which allows them to store water for long periods, and is why they are “drought tolerant plants”. Also their roots are different ; Instead of a network of long roots growing down to the bottom of the pot, the succulent root mass is smaller and remains  closer to the surface of the soil. They do very well outdoors in the sun, but plant care is not so easy when these are kept indoors. They require higher light then most office plants, and you need to be very careful not to overwater them. They need to really dry out between waterings. And if they take too long to dry, the roots start to drown. We don’t recommend buying Succulent Arrangements, with several plants potted together in a large pot, or anything smaller then the 6″ size. These will be much harder to water accurately. This is easier if they have well developed roots and good drainage. Pictured above are the Euphorbia Firestick, 3 type of Echeverias, and a Morgan Beauty.

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