The health benefits of indoor plants


Do you ever think about the air you breathe when you’re at work ? Most of us spend atleast 75% of our life indoors and over half of that working inside a building. We all need clean fresh air, but indoor air polution is among the top five environmental risks we face everyday. Scientists call this condition “sick building syndrome”.  Since the 1970’s new buildings have become increasingly energy efficient, which is great, except the reduced air circulation results in the accumulation of higher levels of unhealthy chemicals. Sources of these toxins include synthetic building materials, insulation, carpeting, furniture, and office machines.

The good new is, that those indoor plants that most of us take for granted, are helping to solve this problem. Scientists from NASA  discovered that many types of plants actually purify the air by absorbing chemicals into their leaves, and roots. In this case what’s bad for humans is actually beneficial for plants ! The four indoor plants pictured above; The Dracaena Craigii and Massangeana, as well as the Chamaedorea and Ficus Benjamina, actually remove the most common indoor pollutants including Benzene, Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene from the air. Other plants such as the Agloneama, Spathiphylum, Sanseveria, and Spider plant do the same thing. For more information on the health benefits of indoor plants, or to order these plants, call us at 310 305 7030 or visit

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