Don’t buy artificial plants

Scientists have proven that live plants improve the air quality in buildings,  especially office buildings.  Not only do they add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, they also remove  other harmful chemicals.

 Although most modern buildings are energy efficient, they typically have poor ventilation, and unhealthy airborn chemicals accumulate.  Sources of these chemicals include; building materials, carpeting, furniture, computers, and photocopiers .  Some common chemicals found in offices are ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and even carbon monoxide. A condition known as  “Sick Building Syndrome”, characterized by fatigue, headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems has become increasingly prevalent in recent decades. 

 The good news is,  studies have  shown that plants improve indoor air quality significantly.  Most common office plants absorb and breakdown these airborne chemicals.  Some of the most effective “air purifiers” are, the Ficus Tree, Philodendren, Dracaena Janet Cragii, Spathiphylum, most palms, and  the Spider plant.

 Curiously, one of the first to discover these plant benefits, was NASA.  Over thirty years ago, they put plants inside a spaceship as an experiment, and found that this improved the quality of the air inside the ship.  Bill Wolverton left NASA to start the Plants for Clean Air Council to further research this phenomenon.

So think twice before you buy artificial plants.  We will be happy to get you real live plants, and guarantee they will thrive in your home or office.  And we will be creating a healthier environment at your work or home!