Interior Office Plant Design


As far as interior design is concerned, there are many possibilities when it comes to office plants. Pictured above are top mount planters clamped securely to our client’s cubicles with brackets which you cannot see. In this type of work environment these work well because they make more efficient use of limited office space then floor plants.

They also benefit the people who sit in cubicles all day because it can be comforting to look up from your computer screen and see beautiful live plants. This also provides a greater degree of privacy from the many distractions inherent in a busy work environment. Also known as Topsiders, each one holds 3 or 4 small plants, and they also work well on top of cabinets and other elevated surfaces.

When we design with office plants, there are many decorative planters to choose from. We help our clients find the best color, shape and style for each room. We can create a more beautiful work environment for your company, and we guarantee your plants will stay attractive and healthy for years and years. Get started today !. Visit or call 310 305 7030. We specialize in interior office plant design and service.